Top 10 Tips Learned from Mystery Novels

Whether you're an armchair sleuth or just eagerly reading the latest thriller, there are some important life lessons to be had.

Top 10 Tips Learned from Mystery Novels

10 That secret crime that you and your friends committed back in high school and agreed to say silent about is absolutely coming back to haunt you.

9 Be careful what you say to that nosy reporter.

8 Re-think your plans for going to that isolated island/house/far-off location where there is little to no internet, transportation, nor other means of communication with the outside world. Especially if there’s a bad storm/natural disaster/blackout forecasted.

7 The retired, worn-down, brilliant detective can totally be persuaded to come out of retirement for one last case.

6 Anyone could be a murderer. Trust no one.

5 The better the homicide detective, the more likely they are to have a drinking problem.

4 Never underestimate the quaint small town with the peculiar, elderly, but remarkably observant resident.

3 The police are incompetent so make sure you have an “in”for your amateur sleuthing purposes, especially if they are willing to use some unorthodox methods for getting information.

2 Never, ever say “I’ll be right back.”

1 If you’re clever enough, you can trick the culprit into confessing all the details. Just make sure you secretly record it and have someone on hand to rescue you at the final moment.