Check Your Shelf: the OPL Podcast

Check Your Shelf: the Oakland Public Library Podcast

Oakland History Mini-Series - Fall 2020

Check Your Shelf Oakland History: Archiving the Pandemic

Dorothy is the interview subject in this final episode of the Oakland History Miniseries.

Check Your Shelf Oakland History: William Wong

Dorothy Lazard interviews Oakland journalist William Wong. His books Oakland's Chinatown and Yellow Journalist.

Check Your Shelf Oakland History: Cheryl Fabio

Dorothy Lazard interviews Oakland filmmaker Cheryl Fabio, whose works include Evolutionary Blues: West Oakland's Music Legacy.

Check Your Shelf Oakland History: Oakland Heritage Alliance

Dorothy Lazard interviews the editorial crew of the Oakland Heritage Alliance (OHA).

Show Notes

Season One

Check Your Shelf Episode 4: Other Duties As Assigned

On May 4, 2020, Oakland Public Library staff began handing out food, supporting COVID-19 testing sites, and other duties.

Check Your Shelf Episode 3: Your Library At Home

In this episode, we explore ways you can still access Your Library from home with your Oakland Public Library card.

Check Your Shelf Episode 2: Hello, AAMLO

February is Black History Month. To celebrate, get an inside look at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland - AAMLO for short.

Check Your Shelf Episode 1: Public Detectives

In Episode 1, Paul and Amy talk to Dorothy Lazard about the Oakland History Center, then explore reference questions.

Show Notes and Transcripts

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