How to Learn at Home During School Closure

Learn something new every day! A list of online resources to help newly-minted homeschoolers.

So schools are closed! Possibly for several weeks or months. First things first: Don't panic. You can do this. Kids are made to learn; they learn new things every day just by interacting with their world. You can help them by providing a little structure and access to tools that will encourage their curiosity. (Read this article from KQED, opens a new window to get started.)

Know that you don't have to recreate a school classroom in your kitchen. Start with whatever work your child's school has sent home. It might not take very long to complete worksheets or do assigned reading. What else can you do to keep your family occupied? Well, we know that kids learn when they are interested and having fun. The topic almost doesn't matter. Try one of these free educational sites to find more of what they like.

Whether you are a seasoned homeschool leader or just looking for something to keep kids busy while you work from home under self-isolation guidelines, Oakland Public Library can connect you to learning every day!