If the book you want is checked out, you may place a hold.

  • Find what you want in the catalog.
  • Place a hold.
  • Have it sent to your chosen location.
  • If all copies are checked out or the item is not ready yet, you will be placed on a hold list.
  • When your hold arrives, we'll email or call you.
  • Pick up your hold and check it out.

You can place a hold yourself, or Library staff can help you.

It takes three to five days for a book to move from one branch to another.

Holds are held for 7 days of business or operational days.

You can have a maximum of 15 holds at a time.

You cannot place holds on reference materials or some items in special collections.

You must check out your book when you pick it up from the holds shelf.

If the Oakland Public Library doesn't have what you want, you might be able to Borrow From Another Library.

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