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Oakland Tool Lending Library

Tool List and Lending Guidelines

The Tool Lending Library has over 5,000 tools available for lending. The following list of tools is not comprehensive or always reflective of current inventory. See the entire collection here.

Note: Tools with an asterisk* are non-renewable.

Lending Guidelines

  1. You can borrow tools for seven days. Some tools can't be renewed.
  2. Please clean tools before returning them.
  3. Fines are $1.00-$5.00 for each day a tool is late, depending on the value of the tool.
  4. You do not have to renew tools. Any that are eligible will be renewed automatically. Log into your account to check your due date, or call our 24-hour renewal hotline: 510-238-3311.
  5. Call OTLL at (510) 597-5089 to place a hold on a tool.
  6. Tools must be returned to the Oakland Tool Lending Library during open hours.
  7. You have to register at the Oakland Tool Lending Library, even if you already have an Oakland Public Library card. Please register at least 15 minutes before closing time.
  8. Please read the Tool Lending Library Rules and Regulations.
  9. The shed, which houses many of our larger tools, also closes fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing.
  10. The first time you borrow tools, you can only borrow two. After you return your first tools on time, you can borrow ten tools at a time.
  11. ....except for power tools. You can only borrow three power tools at a time.

Fees and Fines

Please return library materials on time.

Late fees for tools are $1-$5 per day, depending on the value of the tool.

If you do not return a tool, you will be charged the current replacement cost. There are no refunds for replacement fees, even if you return the item after paying.

If you return a tool damaged, you will be charged a damage fee.

Fines and fees are payable at any Oakland Public Library location by cash or check.  You can also pay your fines online.


Power Tools

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