(AASEG) Black History in the Making!

It’s not even February and Black history is being made! (yes, we know that African-American achievements are being made every day) but recently, here in the City of

Oakland, AASEG (African American Sports & Entertainment Group) just made history by acquiring a development contract from the City of Oakland. The Oakland city council voted unanimously to choose the AASEG to be the developer. This contract will be the City’s largest public land development project to be developed by an African American owned business, and AASEG is headquartered here in Oakland! The African American Sports & Entertainment Group purchased the City of Oakland’s share of the Oakland coliseum.

So, what could this mean for Oakland residences? The African American Sports & Entertainment Group objectives are to bring the following to Oakland; the first majority Black owned NFL franchise, a WNBA team, housing, jobs, a new stadium and convention center, a sports hall of fame museum and to develop a thriving Black business district. AASEG was founded in 2020 with the primary purpose to create a path for economic equity for the Black community in Oakland., opens a new window

One of the major factors that makes this so remarkable for the African American experiences here in the City of Oakland is that the majority of the AASEG members are Oakland natives. Yes! that’s right Town Biz! The founding members of AASEG who are also Oakland natives are Ray Bobbitt, the Founder of the AASEG and East Oakland Native. Shonda Scott, the CEO of 360 Total Concept a management and consulting firm, Laniece Jones the Executive Director of Peralta Colleges Foundation, Alan E. Dones the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of SUDA (Strategic Urban Development Alliance), Joan Tarika Lewis Former Black Panther Party member and 1st female member, John Jones III an East Oakland native and Bill Duffy legendary former basketball player who calls the Bay Area.

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