Advice for Readers: Wintering

The Bay Area doesn't have the harsh winters that many places have--winters that force people to be primarily indoor creatures for months. We don't get lost in snowdrifts or have to brave negative temperatures. But, it does get cold(er), the days are short, and occasionally (if we're lucky) it rains. In other words, it's still the perfect season for soups, and coziness, and ample opportunities for internal reflection and slowing down. 

If you need a little inspiration or guidance in any of those wintry activities, check out one of these books. 


How to Do Nothing

Why We Sleep

In Praise of Wasting Time

The Art of the Wasted Day


The Forest House

The Book of Delights

Easy Soups From Scratch With Quick Breads to Match

Bread Therapy

Winter Harvest Cookbook

Nadiya Bakes