It’s Time to Talk Summer Camps!

January is the perfect time to start researching summer camp options. Learn tips for finding the perfect camp and the scholarship and financial aid options available for affording camp.

It’s mid-January, the winter holidays are over and school is back in session...which means it is the perfect time to start researching summer learning options and making plans for your child’s summer experiences.

Surprised? It may feel like it’s too early to plan out attendance at camps and classes that are still five to six months away, but enrollment for many local camps begins this month. In addition, many camps that offer scholarships, financial aid, and/or sliding scale tuition based on a family’s finances have early spring application deadlines for awarding aid.

As a children's librarian, I often get families asking about these resources in May and early June; parents and caregivers are surprised and disappointed when I inform them that the camps they are interested in are fully enrolled and all available financial aid has already been awarded.

By getting an early start on planning for the summer, you can increase your chances at landing a spot at the camp of your choice!

Here are some tips for maximizing your summer planning:

Affording camp:

  • If you find a camp that you like but it seems unattainable because of the stated cost, ask about scholarship and financial aid opportunities. These opportunities are often available for those who ask, even if they aren’t listed on the camp’s website.
  • Don’t assume that your family won’t qualify for scholarships or financial aid.
  • Camps often expect payment at the time of registration but may offer a payment plan if needed and requested.

Finding a camp:

Do you have tips to share about finding a great camp? Let us know below in the comments.