#TipTuesday: Fast reader? You can check out up to 75 items at a time!

Perhaps you're a ghostly fast reader and you went right through that stack of library books. You're met with a sudden sense of dread as a very scary thought occurs to you:


We also cannot imagine a more scary fate. 

Did you know?

  • You can check out up to 75 items at a time! And that's just physical items - eBooks and eAudiobooks have separate limits.
  • You can check out up to 20 items on the Libby from Overdrive app.
  • We now offer Palace Project, which is a treasure trove of eBooks and eAudiobooks, and sometimes you can even check out books right away that have a long hold wait at the library.

These are just some of the way OPL helps make sure that running out of books is only the stuff of nightmares.

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!