Top 5 Library Tips

Top 5 #TipTuesdays! Bookmark these patron favorite library tips for later use!

#TipTuesday was a content series we did in 2023 across our social media pages to help raise awareness about underrated or lesser known library resources and to help patrons get the most out of their library experience. This series is on pause for now as our team brainstorms and tries out new ways to deliver the same kind of information to you.

We'll still be covering the important topics you all suggested when we asked "What kind of content do you want to see from us?" Stay tuned for fresh content!

If you wanna go back and read all of our #TipTuesdays, we've neatly archived the #TipTuesday blog series on our website.

1) Don't buy it... Borrow it!


Next time your chicken coop needs the bathroom remodeled, instead of purchasing a large, expensive, or very specific tool like a hand saw, just call our team down at the Tool Lending Library and borrow it for free! 🛠️🧰

The Oakland Tool Lending Library has over 5,000 tools for you to borrow. We also have how-to books and DVDs and workshops based on patron interests.

We have tools for:
home improvement 🪛💡
remodeling and repairs 🪚🪜
gardening and landscaping 👨‍🌾
& more!

Not sure what you need for your project? Rainn, Blare, and Mani are some of our most seasoned Tool Lending Library staff. Ask them anything!

2) Level up with Libby's Secret Settings


This top-secret, classified information will revolutionize your e-book experience forever. 🤯What's the difference between these two images? You guessed it. The top is a casual libby user, a smart library patron for getting their e-books for free, but the second is more than an expert.Libby has secret settings that only the most skillfully trained e-readers can find... under "Settings" on the "Menu" tab. Then tap "Customize Navigation" and then turn "Labeled Icons" on and now you're part of the club. 😎




3) Speak new languages with your library card

Preparing for a trip abroad? Making new friends? Connecting with family? Making progress in your target language is easy and free with an Oakland Public Library card in your wallet.

Find language courses crafted just for you, 164 languages to choose from (including ASL), and more when you sign up for Pronunciator with your library card.

Try Pronunciator for FREE!


4) Need new toys? Borrow them from our toy library!

Instead of buying a ton of new toys for your little ones, borrow some from your library! From doctor kits to magnetic blocks and toy trucks, we've got you covered with a variety of durable and entertaining toys! (suitable for ages 0-6)

Toy lending toys are not intended for use in the library, because it is too easy for pieces to go astray. The intention is to send toys home; every branch has toys to play with in the library. All toys are cleaned before going back into circulation.

Browse our toy catalogue!


5) Get into the bay's hottest museums, science centers, zoos, theatres for free!

Do you love exploring new worlds through art, history, and natural sciences but don't like paying for museum passes? 😒 Yes, your library card is the answer! 😍👏

OPL provides free and low-cost passes for museums, science centers, zoos, theaters, and other cultural attractions through the Discover and Go program. From the @exploratorium to @sfmoma to @oaklandmuseumca , you'll never run out of fun!

To reserve passes at popular attractions, make sure to check on the first of the month when new passes open up for reservation for two months in advance. Passes go fast! So mark you calendar. 📅✔️

Check out what venues you can attend with your Oakland Public Library card here.