Comics and Graphic Novels for Kids

Comics and Graphic Novels for Kids

Recommended Graphic Novels for Kids

2022 Game Release: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While you wait for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, explore other recent releases from OPL.

Black Superheroes in Comics

Enjoy Black superheroes from DC, Marvel and beyond for all ages, children to adults.

Graphic Novels for Emerging Readers

These books have fewer words and simpler layouts but are still quite entertaining!

Books for Fifth and Sixth Graders

Here are some of our children's librarians' favorite books for fifth and sixth graders

New at the Library

New at OPL

Flying and Tights

Flying and Tights

Not Superheroes

Not Superheroes

Downloadable Graphic Novels

Local Talent

Check out this local graphic novelist, Gene Yang!

Author Spotlight

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