Asian roots: farming, gardening, cooking

I feel like soup tonight. Hmm, I could have:

  • Vietnamese phở
  • Korean galbi tang
  • Burmese samosa soup
  • Thai tom yum
  • Japanese ramen
  • Cambodian sgor chrouk
  • Filipino sinigang
  • Indian Dal shorba
  • Chinese fish cilantro soup

Asian eateries abound in Oakland, serving up authentic cuisine from a multitude of cultures and talented chefs. Home cooks can source most any Asian ingredient from local markets and international grocery stores.

But who are the purveyors of our Asian produce? What are their stories? And have you ever tried growing your own Asian vegetables and herbs?

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month and we invite you to celebrate the agricultural and culinary contributions of Asians:

Grab and Grow Kit

Pick up a Grab and Grow kit at any OPL location (while supplies last). Each kit includes free seeds with growing instructions, recipes, and cultural information. Try your hand at growing Korean Perilla, Thai Basil, Chinese parsley (aka cilantro), and Japanese mizuna.


Explore books, videos, and websites about the legacy of Asian immigrant farmers, current efforts to preserve and grow Asian crops and foodways, Asian heroes of sustainable farming, and most importantly: gardening and culinary books that will specifically help you grow and cook the greens in the Grab and Grow Kit. 

Asian roots: farming, gardening, cooking

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Now about that soup ...