Back to School? These Resources Can Help

Oakland youth go back to school next week, so the Oakland Public Library’s E-Resources Committee would like to share a couple of online resources available to OPL cardholders that can help with learning! 

For K-8 Students…

World Book Kids: Provides thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia for increased comprehension.

World Book StudentPacked with such research tools as Citation Builder, How to Do Research, Compare Places, Interactive Maps, and the World Book Atlas to help students get the most out of their research experience. We also have the Spanish version of this resource.

Middle School & High School

Gale in Context: High SchoolIncludes articles on many subjects covered in high school such as history, government, and biographies.

Gale in Context: ScienceManipulate and explore 3D interactive models to visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science. Reference and periodical content provide additional context for further understanding.

Gale in Context: Opposing ViewpointsAimed at high school students and focuses on controversial topics. It is great for youth to deepen their understanding of key issues of our time and is great for debate preparation and persuasive essays.