That book’s called WHAT?

You may have heard "Don't judge a book by its cover," but what about its title? Here are some unusual book titles I have unearthed in OPL's children's collection -- if you are interested, place a hold request and check them out!

Older books tend to have some details of the plot in the subtitles, instead of a blurb on the jacket flap or back cover. Therefore they can be amusingly long and unwieldy (and are often known only by the main part of the title).

(Sometimes modern authors copy this technique to add drama to their titles, such as Lloyd Alexander's 1970 novel The marvelous misadventures of Sebastian; : grand extravaganza, including a performance by the entire cast of the Gallimaufry-Theatricus.)

Then there are some that give you very little detail about the story and make you wonder what they're all about.
A strange name or made-up word always throws some reader for a loop!
A few titles that puzzled me as a kid only made sense after reading the books. Can you figure them out?