#TipTuesday: Free online homework help with a live tutor!

Ever been there? That deadline for submitting your paper or that job application is looming, and your eyes are glazing over re-reading your writing. Again. You really would love an extra pair of eyes from another person (and maybe one that isn't a friend or family).

Enter Brainfuse HelpNow. As the name might suggest, this free online resource lets you get help now for writing assistance or resume review. Fuse your brain with experts in Math, Language Arts, or other core K-12 subjects in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. You can get live help or submit writing for review by a tutor.

There's no age limit - adults, teens, and kids can all get assistance.

There's also no limit - you can ask for help multiple times. Honest.

Brainfuse HelpNow is available to use at any OPL location.

Have you used this resource yet? How'd it go?