#TipTuesday: Learn a New Language (Including ASL) with Pronunciator!

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? We have a free online resource for that!

Whether you're looking to boost your language skills for an upcoming trip abroad, make new friends, or just train your brain, Pronunciator can help.

Pronunciator features:

 Language courses designed just for you
 164 languages to learn (including ASL and ESL)
 Localized in 144 home languages (97% of the world’s population)
World’s largest content base
 Quality human voices, translations and video


  1. Sign up for Pronunciator (you can also find the link in our Online Resources page)
    Note: You do not need an email address but you will need your library card
  2. Select the language you speak and the language you're looking to learn
  3. Choose the kind of lesson plan that works best for you 
  4. C'est tout! Time to learn and practice your newfound language skills 

Questions? Need help accessing resources or your account? Email us: eAnswers@oaklandlibrary.org